4 Things Every Pastor and Church Leader Should Know About Themselves

Who are you

In just under a week, we will be entering the year of 2015.  Already, people are beginning to think about their New Year’s resolutions.  In a few short days, the gym where I work out will be filled with men, women, and teenagers who have made a resolution to change their lives.  By February, most of them will no longer enter the doors of the gym – their hopes of a different life abandoned until the next year when the process starts all over again.

The passion for improving our lives, however, should be something that every pastor and church leader desires on a daily basis.  We should constantly be seeking ways of being more effective in leading the ministries that God has given to us.  For more information on seeking continual growth in your personal life, see my post on “Constantly Improving Your Position.”    To that end, in order for a church leadership team to function at their best, they need to understand how God has created them with their spiritual gifts and individual personality types.  The more you understand yourself and your leadership team, the better you can work together in leading your local church.

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