30 Days of Intentional Living

Day 10: Help Someone Believe in Himself

Intentional Living Day 11

John started today’s lesson by asking the question “Who in your life needs to borrow your belief?” So many times people fail to accomplish their goals in life simply because they stop believing that they can make it to that goal. They are defeated even before they begin. So, John challenged us to share our belief with someone. By that, he means that we need to let someone know that we believe in them so strongly that our belief in them helps to raise them to a new level of success, thereby, adding value to their life.

I have a favorite phrase that I say whenever I have the opportunity. Your actions ALWAYS follow your beliefs. In the context of our faith in God, our actions will always follow what we believe about God. If we believe God is loving, then our actions will be loving. If we believe that God is harsh and is always beating us down, then we will beat down those around us to make them do what we want. Our actions ALWAYS follow our beliefs.

The same is true in your organization.  What you believe about the leaders of your organization will determine your actions.  If you believe your leaders have your best interests at heart, as well as the company’s, then you will perform well at your job in the company.  If you believe your leaders only have the company’s best interests at heart, then you will under-perform and be unfulfilled in your career.

The same is true of our belief in ourselves. If we believe that we accomplish a goal, then, no matter how hard the path or the obstacles in our way, we will accomplish that goal. However, if we believe that we cannot accomplish that goal, we may not even attempt to begin striving toward that goal. That is why John has suggested that we ‘loan our belief’ to someone else. When they don’t believe they can do it, we come alongside them and tell them that we believe they can do it. Then, as they begin the journey and get a few successes under their belt, they will begin to believe in themselves. It all begins with you and I demonstrating that we believe in someone.

The opposite can be true in our lives, as well.  Just yesterday, my younger son said “Dad, your being really harsh and negative.”  His comment was in relation to something I had just said about lack of hope about a positive outcome in a particular situation.  He and I both knew my comment was a comment of sarcasm toward the particular position we were discussing.  But, I was reminded how our words influence others.  If someone had heard our dialogue out of the context of the “sarcasm” in which it was intended, they might have thought we were being negative toward that particular situation and had no hope that anything would change.  The morale of the story – choose your words wisely and lend people a little bit of your belief that they can improve.

Who are you going to believe in today and how are you going to demonstrate that belief to them?

ACTION STEP:  Identify one person that you are going to encourage and build up the next time you see them.  Determine how you are going to do it and what you are going to say.  Then, intentionally encourage that person to believe in themselves and you will add value to their life.

30 Days of Intentional Living

Day 5: Create a Win for Somebody

The average person, on an average day in their life, actually “lose” more than they “win”.  What would happen in your church or organization if you began to create “wins” in people’s lives?

In the business realm, we talk a lot about creating a win-win situation.  That is a situation where both parties involved come away feeling that got something good in return for their investment in the situation.  We are taught to look for the win-win in our dealings with others.  We are taught to look for the win-win in order to close the sale.

But, what if we simply looked for the win, period?  Instead of trying to gain something from the person, what if we simply created a win for them?  What if we simply attempted to add value to their life by creating a win for them, whether or not we receive anything back in return?

I teach Karate class at the church that I pastor. In thinking about John’s teaching for today, a few of my students came to mind. They’ve been struggling with learning a new technique that they have to know in order to pass to the next belt ranking.  My other instructor and I have been focusing our instruction on creating a win for them – helping them succeed in order to boost their confidence and encourage them to continue moving forward in their training.

While that is one simple example of what John is teaching, we are continually surrounded with people in our lives who are discouraged and believe that they cannot achieve anything more than they have right now. I truly believe that almost anyone can accomplish more in life than they are currently. The reason they don’t is that they simply believe that they cannot. I wonder what would happen if you and I took time to help people create a win in their lives so that they could believe they could achieve more in life.

After all, it is always true that “ACTIONS FOLLOW BELIEFS.” If you BELIEVE you can accomplish something, you will ACT in a way that moves you toward that accomplishment. So, let’s be people who will both encourage others, and create a win in their lives so that they can fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

In whose life will you intentionally create a “win” today?