Where Have I Been?

Over the past two weeks, I haven’t posted regularly due to some changes in my life.  I have spent a large part of my time preparing to share some information with our church family and friends and this has taken my time away from my blog.  Here’s the information…

This past Sunday, I resigned as Lead Pastor of FaithPointe Church of the Nazarene.  On March 1, I will become the pastor of Gentle Shepherd Church of the Nazarene in Hermitage, PA.  My family and I are leaving a church family full of close friends that are dear to our hearts, to pastor a new church family and make new friends that we are already learning to love.

Now that I’ve shared this information I will once again begin posting regularly.  Keep a look out for the final post on my Strategic Church Leadership Process and posts about productivity in ministry.  Then, I’ll start drilling down more details about the SCLP and begin releasing hands-on, practical products that you can purchase for use in your local church.  Finally, I’ll begin sharing book recommendations for your continued learning.  It’s going to be a great year in 2015.  Please share this site with your friends and don’t forget to post comments so that we can dialogue and learn from each other.

I’m looking forward to 2015!


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