The Importance of Leadership Development In Your Organization

7 Reasons Why EVERY Organization Should Focus On Developing Leaders

As I interact with potential clients, I have discovered a recurring need to explain why leadership development is important to their organization.  Those of us in the leadership field easily understand the impact that it can have on the individual and the organization.  Take Bob, for example.  Bob is not his real name, but this is his story.

After beginning a leadership training program, Bob began to notice things in his organization were getting a bit, well, strange!  Bob leads an organization that is primarily volunteer based.  In other words, Bob implemented the mission of his organization through leading volunteers and casting the vision of the organization.  Previously, Bob had to approach people to get them involved in projects.  Now, people were coming to him and asking him how they could help him.  Bob didn’t understand what was happening.  No one had ever come up before and asked what they could do.  In fact, at times, projects were not completed because there weren’t enough volunteers to start or complete all the things that needed done in the organization.

Bob came to one of my Mastermind groups and explained his dilemma.  I explained to him that what he was experiencing was the result of his developing as a leader.  It was what John Maxwell describes as The Law of Magnetism – “who you are is who you get.”  Bob was becoming a leader and people were being drawn to him because leaders attract leaders.  His organization grew by 25% in a 6-month period and Bob was presented with a prestigious award in his field later that year.

Why did that happen?

Because Bob decided that leadership development was going to be an important part of his life and the life of his organization.

Recently, I read an article in CareerMinds entitled “The Importance of Leadership Development:  7 Facts HR Needs To Know” by Ramond Lee.  I am summarizing the main points of the article here.  I would recommend taking some time today to read the entire article.  It is well-written and clearly explains why leadership development should be a priority of every organization.

  • Having a culture of leadership development provides a positive long-term impact on an organization.
  • Leadership has been the second-most important reason givien for employee satisfaction at work.
  • With 56% of employees disengaged at work, a leadership development program engages teams and employees, making the bottom line more profitable.
  • In a recent study, leadership development has been shown to make a bigger impact on the success of an organization than even a “culture of innovation.”
  • With the importance of leadership development coming to the forefront of research, organizations are developing leaders at ALL levels in the organization instead of just the senior leadership level.
  • Another recent study found that the more a company focuses on internal leadership development, the better it performs at meeting is objectives.
  • Effective leaders within an organization are able to address BOTH efficiency AND human needs, thereby creating a better and more effective environment within the organization.

For more information on the importance of leadership development and links to the studies referenced above, refer to Raymond Lee’s article.

So, what is keeping you from developing the leaders in your organization?

The benefits are real and the success stories are numerous.  If you are interested in developing leaders within your organization, or if you are simply interested in developing yourself as a leader, contact me.  I’d love to have a conversation!

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