Growth is NOT Automatic

Everyone needs a plan!

Growth is NOT automatic.  No matter what area of your life you are referring to, growth doesn’t just happen.  Your physical growth is based upon proper nutrition and exercise.  Your intellectual growth is based upon planned learning and ever increasing intellectual challenges.  Your spiritual growth is based upon time spent with your Creator and time in his word.  Your emotional growth is based upon the quantity and quality of your relationships with others.  In other words, growth must be planned.  It must be nurtured and fed.  It must have a design.  For growth to happen in your life, it must be INTENTIONAL!

If growth is not automatic and if growth must be planned, then what is your plan for growth?  Do you HAVE a plan for your personal growth?  Or, are you just living life on autopilot, hoping that growth will happen as you go through the day-to-day moments of life?  Most people go through life without a plan for growth.  But, successful leaders have a plan for growth.

In developing your plan for personal growth, consider the following…

  • Schedule a TIME for growth. Put an appointment on your calendar every day that is set aside for your personal growth development.  It may be 10 minutes, or it may be 30 minutes, or even an hour.  Start small, but place an appointment with yourself every day to work on your personal growth.  Guard that time and don’t let anyone schedule over top of it.
  • Set up a PLACE for growth.  Whether it’s your office, or a room in your home, set up a place to develop your personal growth.  Have all the materials you will need right there (i.e. books, notepad, pens, highlighters, etc.).  Having everything you need in one place at all times will save you valuable time having to go and search for what you need each day.
  • Decide WHAT you are going to do.  Is it a DVD or a book study, or audio files you want to listen to and take notes?  Whatever it is, make sure that it lines up with your goals for your life and vocation.  Since I write a leadership blog, I am a firm believer that your personal growth strategy should be focused on developing your leadership skills.  Growing in the area of leadership will help you improve every other area of your life.

At a recent training event for The John Maxwell Team, our leader, John Maxwell, challenged each of us to develop a personal growth plan based around one of his books entitled “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.”  I want to share that plan with you.  Take the plan, buy a copy of the book here, and make this your strategy for personal growth for the next 12 months.  Or, choose another study and make a plan of your own.  Using your own plan or John’s plan really isn’t the focus.  The focus is MAKE A PLAN – AND WORK THE PLAN!

Here’s John’s plan for The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth…”

  • Week one:  study chapter 1 – The Law of Intentionality
  • Week two:  study chapter 5 – The Law of Consistency
  • Week three:  study chapter 14 – The Law of Expansion
  • Week four:  study chapter 15 – The Law of Contribution
  • Months 2-12:  study one of the remaining chapters each month

Make a plan for personal growth and work the plan.  Your business and/or career will only grow to the extent that you grow.  If you raise your level of leadership ability through developing a personal growth plan, your success will increase exponentially.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get started right now with your personal growth plan.  Then, come back to this post and share in the comments section what you are learning and how your personal growth plan is helping you develop as a leader!


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