Principle #4: The Power of Repetition

Take me up on my challenge!

Repetition is key to learning!  Have you every read a good book or listened to a good podcast for the second or third time?  Or, read through your favorite chapter in the Bible again?  With each repetition you learn something new that you missed the first time around.  That is the Power of Repetition.

Last fall I  started a journey of working through John Maxwell’s 30-Day Journey of Intentional Living.  At the time I started the journey, I was just using his online resources and had not yet received my companion book for the course.  I have decided to retake the entire 30-day journey using both the online resources and his book.  And, here is my challenge to you:

Join me in taking John Maxwell’s 30-day Journey of Intentional Living!

Here are the details:

  • Go to John Maxwell’s website and register for his 30-day journey.  Click this link to be directed to his website.  The cost is only $39 + shipping and the time investment is only 10 minutes a day for 30 days – a total of only 5 hours of your time.  (BTW – I do not receive any financial gain from your purchase of John’s material)
  • Read my posts each day and add your comments below my posts.  Let’s have a discussion about intentional living.
  • It all begins on Monday, May 23rd.  I’ll post my first day’s learning that morning, and another post each day for the 30 days.  Let’s dialogue about we can learn together.

So, sign up today and meet me back here on Monday!


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