30 Days of Intentional Living

Day 8: Your Third Clue About a Life That Matters

Intentional Living Day 8

John Maxwell has been challenging us during the 30 Days of Intentional Living program.  If you’ve been following along, I’ve been posting my thoughts and reflections about his teachings.

This post is the third clue to discovering a life that matters.  In the first post (Day 6), John asked the questions “What makes you cry?”  In the second post (Day 7), John asked “What makes you sing?”  Today, John asks “What makes you dream?”

What is it that you dream about in life? For me, these past three days have been easy to reflect upon because I have already been asking these questions of myself over the past year. I am saddened by lost potential in people’s lives. I am excited to find and help someone who desires to live up to their potential. I dream about pastoring a church that truly is in the business of producing disciples of Jesus, and helping other churches become that type of church.

I see a lack of intentionality in many churches and leaders today. What I do see is a lot of busy-ness in our churches. We try to have the newest programs so that we reach new people. While that is admirable, the Bible teaches that we are to produce disciples of Jesus Christ. Our mission is a mission of discipleship. That includes reaching new people, teaching them about following Christ, and helping them find a place of serving both in the church and in the community. It also includes reaching out to others with the love of Jesus and teaching them everything that we have learned about following Christ.

I dream about God’s kingdom filled with people who are leaders in His mission of producing disciples. Is it possible that the reason we have a leadership vacuum in the church is simply because we are not producing mature disciples of Jesus Christ? After all, leadership development is a large part of that discipleship process.

ACTION POINT:  Take a few minutes today and make a list of your dreams.  Then, compare that list with you two previous lists (what makes you cry and what makes you happy).  Look for common themes – those will be significant clues to discovering a life that matters!


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