30 Days of Intentional Living

Day 2: Walk Slowly Through the Crowd

According to John Maxwell, the single most important factor in living a life of significance is putting other people first. Do we slow down enough to engage people, showing an interest in them, and adding value to their lives? Or, do we just rush through our agenda for the day without making any significant impact in the lives of those we encounter?

As I listened to John’s video today, I reflected back to two days ago.  After being a husband and father, my main role in life is that of a pastor.  This past Sunday was a very busy day at GSN.  I had picked a family up for our worship service that morning and had to make arrangements for someone to take them home following the service.  We had a guest singing group during the service.  I had an 80 minute drive following the service to get to an appointment in the center of Ohio after the service AND I had to preach a message that morning.  With all that going through my mind, it was hard to “walk slowly through the crowd.”

I wonder how many times we miss the opportunities that lie right in front of us.  Erwin McManus calls these “Divine moments” – those times in our lives when God is doing something right in front of us that He wants us to be involved in.  Too often, we can miss those moments because we are rushing through the crowd.  On those days, like this past Sunday, when life is rushing by, I have found a couple of things help me “walk slowly through the crowd.”

  • Remember that people were ALWAYS Jesus’ priority.  Jesus was always being interrupted by people. As He went from place to place, He was always taking time to stop His travels/agenda to talk with people and meet their needs – both physical and spiritual.
  • Everything we do involves people.  The heartbeat of ministry is centered around discipleship and encouraging people to be everything that God created them to be.  At our places of employment, we need to be reminded that people are our company’s greatest asset.  Without customers, our business would fail.  In our families, we live and interact with people.  We need to take time to “walk slowly through the crowd.”
  • Live a life of adding value to people.  Walking slowly through the crowd shows people that they are important to you.  Take time to add value to the people that you meet today!

TAKE ACTION:  Today, walk slowly through the crowd, identify one person that you can spend time with, and add value to their life.  You might just change the world for one person today and find a new level of significance for your life.

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