SERIES: Living In His Presence, part 1

Asking for God's Presence

One of the free resources that I would love to share with you is a basic outline of messages that I have found to be very effective.  Feel free to use the outline in your local church.  However, don’t just use it as a last minute substitute for your lack of preparation.  Rather, study it and make the changes that God leads you to make for it to fit your local situation.

LIVING IN HIS PRESENCE:  Asking for God’s Presence

Exodus 33:12-23 (NIV)

Why Don’t We Live In the Presence Of God DAILY?

  • BUSYNESS of life
  • Lack of FOCUS on kingdom things
  • We just don’t CARE enough
  • Bad HABITS
  • We just don’t NEED God
  • SIN

Observations About Moses and God’s Presence


Read Exodus 33:12-23 (NIV)

  • Moses was TIRED of LEADING without the presence of God
  • Moses asks for God’s PRESENCE
  • Moses does not want to move FORWARD without God’s presence
  • Moses makes his appeal to God on the basis of his INTEGRITY
  • God grants Moses his request because God was PLEASED with Moses
  • Moses makes the BIG ASK of God
  • When Moses asked, God GRANTED his request

 ACTION POINT:  Will you SEEK God’s Presence in your life over the next 28 days?

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