What is Strategic Church Leadership?

Strategic Church Leadership

Strategic Church Leadership is my new eBook outlining a simple process that I have developed to help the local church reach its full potential for God’s kingdom! Many pastors and church leaders today have a multitude of ideas and resources at their disposal. The difficulty lies not in the availability of tools for ministry. Rather, the difficulty lies in how we utilize those tools as part of an overall strategy for the local church.

With so many tools and resources available to us, why do our churches still struggle to reach their full potential?   This is at the heart of why I have chosen to begin this website. My goal is not to create a whole new way of thinking about the church, but rather, to create a place where pastors and leaders can come together to learn and to discuss how these tools fit in the local church. As such, I’ve created Strategic Church Leadership to give us a guide to follow as we seek to implement the many tools around us. There is a flow to the process. It is not static, but it is fluid. You may find that your church is part way through the process, but you need help at the next step. You may find that your church has come to the end of the process and you are wondering what is next? I’ll give you a hint right now – you start over and work through the process at an ever-deepening level.  This process is “big picture” thinking that I addressed in a former post.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to unpack the entire process for you. But, if you would like an overview right now, sign up for my free eBook “Strategic Church Leadership” today. Go to the top right corner of this page and you’ll find my sign up form. Then, when I post to this blog, you’ll receive the next post sent directly to your inbox and you won’t miss a thing.

In the meantime, if you have a question you would like answered, click here. If you would like to talk with me about speaking at a seminar, coaching, or consulting, contact me here.

Until next time, let’s talk about this question (you can post your answer in the comment section below):

What is it that you find is the most difficult obstacle your church is facing right now?

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